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Welcome to the DELTA Personal GmbH


DELTA Personal GmbH have a licence to lease out temporary staff for commercial purposes in line with the Provision of Manpower Act. We can supply you with engineers, technicians, draughtsmen, commissioning staff, and project leaders. We lease staff at peak times, when the customer needs extra staff for large-scale projects or when he is short-staffed (e.g. during holiday periods). We make staff available at short notice, for a day, or days at a time, or for longer-term work.


Two of the main features of DELTA Personal GmbH are its reliability and its integrity. The company image is good. It is our mission to always provide our customers with exactly the right kind of personnel for the specific task at hand. We aim to support our customers in their projects efficiently, professionally, and with an eye to costs, so as to ensure the optimum realisation of their projects. Nowadays, there is tremendous pressure within companies to finish projects in ever shorter times and at ever lower cost. Often it is the “small things” which can take up much of the project time which mean the difference between success and failure. With the correct personnel the customer can see the project through to a successful conclusion.


Recruiting specialists from a leasing agency is a delicate matter. Do please contact us and explain to us exactly what you requirements are. We will listen to what you want and we will provide you with competent personnel.


DELTA Personnel is a company of the DELTA Group. The group offers single-source services. If you need highly-qualified contract personnel (works or services) then please contact our sister company DELTA Ingenieur GmbH.


If you would like to award a package of multiple orders (a fixed contract) on the basis of several performance descriptions, then please contact our sister company DELTA Planung GmbH.




Quality is the absolute non plus ultra for the successful processing of your orders. Experience with heavy plant is also important. More important is to keep to this high level of quality and to check that it is being maintained.


All jobs in the company are carried out by qualified and well-trained personnel. Our staff undertake to work to a perfect technical level, in a cost-conscious way, and with a high degree of quality awareness. In this way, each member of staff contributes with his/her specialist skills to the final quality level. All staff are responsible for establishing and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction


For some years now DELTA Personal GmbH is a registered company for:


  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
  • SCP

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